I Pass CMA Exam

Hock Pros & Cons


1-Full Suite of Materials

Hock CMA has an extensive review system including class recordings, flash cards, exam simulations, assumed knowledge guide, and in-depth explanations of each topic covered in the exam. This learning system is especially helpful to candidates with a weak background in Accounting or Finance. Hock CMA developed video lectures to help candidates in their studies. The videos provide a classroom feel for those who prefer this mode of learning.

2. Teacher Support

With the purchase of their material, you also get access to their Teacher Support program.

3. Exam Pass Guarantee & Guarantee Plus

Hock CMA guarantees that you will pass the exam if you use their review course. If you fail, they will continue to work with you until you pass. They have recently added the benefit of paying for your exam re-take as long as you meet their requirements.

4. Assumed Knowledge Guide

Hock offers a CMA Assumed Knowledge Guide. If you find the CMA material hard to learn, this guide can help.

5. Unlimited Access to Realistic Exam Simulation

With the purchase of their ExamSuccess exam simulation, you gain unlimited access to it. The exam simulation closely resembles the real exam, and the test bank is very large. This should be something that helps quite a bit come test day.

Hock CMA Weaknesses

1. No Money-Back Guarantee

Among Gleim, Hock, CMA Exam Academy and Wiley, only Gleim and CMA Exam Academy offers a money-back guarantee.

2. Discount With A Catch

Hock does not offer a deep enough discount to the CMA Coach community compared to Gleim & Wiley’s 10% discount.

3. No Guides

There’s not a hack’s guide or quick study section, as this course lacks some of the more useful tools that other companies include. Often, these supplemental guides include some great study tips and tricks, which are perfect come test time.

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